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Dark Secrets

Possession on the Island

This abandoned church was built by prolific Island architect William Critchlow Harris’ nephew, James Edward Harris, in the 1930’s. It closely resembles his uncle’s construction of St. Mary’s in Indian River. In the middle of the cemetery you’ll find a slightly crumbling stone memorial altar for Father Edward Walker. Fr. Walker presided over St. Alexis in Rollo Bay, Prince Edward Island for 46...

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A Short List No. 1

Often, on Monday I’ll post #MondayMoodArt with an artist on Instagram and usually a...

Scandalous Stories

The Doctor’s House

Creepier than a haunted house now, this used to be very beautiful. It was built in the 1950s by a...


Dark Secrets

Fighting Quakers

{*Sorry, it’s cell phone pictures.} Today it is known as the “Richard Ashbridge Mansion...

Bad Behavior

Mysteries & Midsadventure

Accidents in History