The Undetectable Poison (Season 2, Episode 3)

Class photo with Sarah Ruth the only woman.

Members of the faculty with the School of Medicine class of 1922, featuring Sara Ruth Dean in the second row from the top, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library.

This week we recount a tale of betrayal, love, and possibly murder in the Deep South. A thoroughly modern woman, Sarah Ruth became one of the first female medical school graduates at UVA and seemed to have a bright future ahead of her. Then Ruth met the married Dr. John Preston Kennedy, soon realizing that while love is the sweetest thing . . . it can also be the deadliest. Join us as we meet: “The Highball Murderess.”

Sarah Ruth Dean portrait

Sarah Ruth Dean

John Preston Kennedy portrait

John Preston Kennedy, source.

You can also find this episode on iTunes here (or search “A Short History” on your podcast app). Previously, I wrote about Sarah Ruth in “The Highball Murderess and The Doctor Who Wouldn’t Die” if you’d like to see more pictures.

There is a short silent video clip of the trial here, too.

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