The Prima Donna’s Dead Friend (Season 2, Episode 7)

Adele poses for a postcard

Adele poses for a postcard while appearing on Broadway, in full diva form, source.

Adele Ritchie was born for the stage, a vaudevillian diva and director, she craved attention and adoration. After Adele’s friend, a beautiful and wealthy divorcée got a taste of the limelight, Adele got a taste for revenge. The tragic events that followed, are truly worthy of the theatre.

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Adele colorized portrait

Adele on a postcard, circa 1906, source.

side portrait of Adele wearing furs and large hat

Adele during her Broadway days, source.

Newspaper coverage of the murder

Newspaper coverage of the murder. Adele (bottom left) after her Broadway days and just before the murder. Doris is the large portrait in the middle. To the upper right you can see the bungalow and a crude diagram of the crime scene, source.

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