Lost & Abandoned

A Haunted & Abandoned Inn

Place: Crier in the Country

Location: Glen Mills, PA

History: There have been several additions to this place including in the 1860s and early 1900s, but the middle structure was built in 1740 as a private house. During the Battle of the Brandywine British soldiers camped on the property. Lydia, one of the original owners, is just one of the reported ghosts that startles people and has dinner parties in the conservatory. It’s the third floor (the original servant quarters) where the malevolent happenings have been reported. In the early 1960s the house was used as a retirement home and by 1968 is became a restaurant. It was a restaurant until 2007 when it finally closed for good. A couple links to see what the Crier looked like before it closed from outside (here) and when it was used for weddings and banquets (here).

Notes: Admittedly, high noon during the summer is not the best time to capture a haunted house but some questionable dealings where made by the local government and this historical place is yet another one set for demo. Teenagers have had at it too and it’s pretty destroyed. A few years ago, I saw it featured on an old haunted show. Then I spotted it on the side of the road, a place where I’d been overlooking for years! So a bright sunny day was my chance to shoot it and I just hoped out and shot what I could.