The Girls of St. Raphael Adore Spaghetti and Hate Drunks

This is more fun than a post about history, but when my grandmother passed away suddenly a few weeks ago, I found myself with a treasure trove of old photos. Years ago I used to live with her so I’d already seen most of the photos I’ve inherited; I was always pulling them out and asking her who was who and piecing together our family history (We found a secret aunt and some other good stuff!).

But in an old and jammed metal file cabinet, I found her yearbooks which I’d never seen before! Specifically the “private yearbook” that the students of St. Raphael, which was an all-girls school in Pittsburgh, put together for themselves (my grandmother was the typist)! I’m not sure anyone else will find this overly interesting but while I was flipping through I thought they were hilarious and worth sharing. It’s funny to see how much attitudes have changed. Why is everyone so obsessed with spaghetti??! Is there really that much of a problem with drunks they all list it as a “dislike”?!! I guess we’ll never know 😉

*I’m attempting to restore it as best I can but the glue has really done a number on the paper over the years. And if I could find any more information about them I’ve added it in too!

**Oh and I listened to the song my grandmother listed as her favorite while putting this post together 🙂 It sets the mood nicely, I think. Here’s a link to “Dave Rose’s 4:20 AM” if you’d like a listen as well (right here).

She did become a pharmacist! She attended Duquesne’s pharmacy school where she met her husband, they were married for 52 years.

Grandma (above) did not become a millionaire but I like that she said become one not marry one like some other girls did. Early girl power?!

I’m not positive but I think she passed in 2003…so she did it! That counts right?

My grandmother’s best friend LaVerne. She didn’t become a Navy nurse but she did get her Ph.D. in nursing and became a professor at Pitt (where my parents went to school…and so did I)!

Ambition achieved. She married and had five children.

Married who we can guess was a very polite lieutenant in the army.

I can’t find anything under her maiden name so I’m guessing she accomplished her ambition.

She married a college football all-star who played at Notre Dame, Georgetown and Duquesne but I couldn’t find if she ever got to travel around the world, I hope so.

She married a Korean War vet. They had eight children. He passed away five weeks after his wife.

I don’t know if she got the Caddy, probably!, but here she is in a video later.

She actually became one of the first female stockbrokers at a major stockbroking firm. She married an electrician, well he was one while serving in WWII, it says on his draft card. Later she was inducted into the Pennsylvania Snow Sports Museum for skiing after becoming one of the first female patrollers in Seven Springs!

Here’s a slideshow of the rest, I wasn’t very good about editing any of them out! 😉