Dark Secrets Lost & Abandoned Scandals

The Doctor’s House

Creepier than a haunted house now, this used to be very beautiful.

It was built in the 1950s by a doctor who used pieces of other houses about to be razed. He collected Grecian columns, a giant organ, a roof that was far too heavy for this place, beautifully painted ceilings, a gazebo that used to sit on top of the roof and a sweeping staircase (for your grand entrance at charity balls of course). All from other houses to make up a place of his own. You can tell that this was a really interesting place once. There were also rumors that the good doctor was a bit of an early women’s rights advocate and aided desperate women who needed help in his basement. He knew what the scary and sometimes fatal alternatives were out there.

After his residence the place lay empty until a cult leader purchased the property (he housed his family here and his followers in the old WWI Italian boys orphanage). As usually happens, once people caught wind that the cult was a front to steal money and (physically) abuse his followers he skipped town and no one else really wanted to put the money into the place.

Unfortunately, vandals have nearly done the job for the demolishment this house is scheduled for soon.

(Update March 2015: house demolished)