Bonus Episode: The Almost Murderess (Season 2, Episode 9)

Drawn picture of Eva

Eva’s portrait drawn during the trial, source.

In the Season 2 finale, we recount the story of Robert Ray Hamilton and the bizarre saga of his marriage, divorce, and mysterious death. Hamilton, a great-grandson of Alexander Hamilton, caused a stir in Victorian society after marrying bordello worker Eva Steele Mann.

This would be the least scandalous part of their relationship. It was not until Eva’s jealousy of the family nanny that her con on Robert Ray would unravel and lead to his death.

Listen here:

Robert's drawn portrait

Robert Ray Hamilton, source.

Eva's photograph

Eva, source.

Large horse trough fountain with soaring eagle on top

The fountain and Robert’s legacy, photo by Michael Minn. (The monument is #666 in New York’s Parks Dept. Read more about it here.)

Photographic portrait of Robert

A portrait (right) of Robert Ray Hamilton for sale online, originally from Culver Pictures Inc. in New York, source.

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