Podcast Episode 10: “Don’t Invite Me To Your Wedding”

In our season finale (But wait! There’s a mini Bonus episode coming!) we explore what happens when your perfect day doesn’t go so, well, perfect. From public confrontations, scandalous secrets and revelations, and a runaway bride, we present a few stories that would lead anyone to ask to be taken off the invite list.

Wedding Scene

Old photo of Beth-El Synagogue in New York on Fifth Avenue and 76th Street.

Beth-El Synagogue in New York on Fifth Avenue and 76th Street, source. {Sorry for the watermark, I couldn’t find it without one!}

Viola Cohen makes a mad dash to New York to stop her former lover from wedding his new love, but her penchant for fainting causes her scheme to go all wrong.

Source: A Scene At A Wedding”, New York Times, 13 September 1887.

Don’t Go Changing Your Mind

A wedding party from 1904 in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

This isn’t Anna’s nuptials, but it’s a wedding held in Wilkes-Barre from 1904. The bride was a bit more willing, source.

It’s safe to say that Anna Bollagh had a terrible commitment problem. Whether it was because she really couldn’t commit to one man or because she just didn’t want to be married (probably not a popular option in 1894) we’ll never know, but her attempts at escaping the altar were spirited.


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Newspaper Clippings

Don’t Insult The Bride

A sepia photograph of a wedding in 1932.

This certainly isn’t the wedding party in our story (this is actually from the UK from much calmer, happier people we can assume), but it’s from the same year: 1932. It gives you a sense of how the wedding party would have looked, source.

A man shows up at his ex’s wedding reception with a gun, but her new family is tougher than he realizes.

Source: Shoots Up Wedding Party”, New York Times, 21 February 1932

Brothers & Sisters

A postcard line drawing of Euclid Avenue in Cleveland in the 1890s. There are horse drawn carriages, large laws and grand houses.

One of the main roads in Cleveland, Euclid Ave. in the 1890’s, source.

A brother ruins his sister’s wedding in Cleveland with a horrifying act against the family.

Source: Cuts His Brother’s Throat”, New York Times, 14 November 1892.

A Woman Scorned

A drawing of a busy train station in 1880s france.

A busy train station in the 1880’s (though this one is in France), source.

A secret affair is suddenly exposed on a train platform in Switzerland.

Source: A Thrilling Tragedy In Switzerland”, New York Times, 28 November 1879.

Open Bar

Drawing of Elizabeth Street in Melbourne in the 1860's with horse carriages and a dirt road.

Elizabeth Street in Melbourne in the 1860’s, source.

A man in Daylesford, Victoria has a terrible fall after leaving a boozy wedding reception. Though he lands on his feet, he isn’t as lucky as you’d think.

Source: The News Of The Day”, The Age (Melbourne, Australia), 24 April 1860.

Under Threat

Painting of a neighborhood in Kentucky in the 1890's, with smallish houses and large farming gardens.

A working class neighborhood in Kentucky, depicted the 1890’s, source. {“The is actually of Davis Bottom in Lexington, Kentucky. It was one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in Fayette County. It also was one of Lexington’s first integrated communities after the Civil War. Despite economic hardships, residents made the tight-knit enclave a safe, strong, and racially diverse community for almost one hundred and fifty years.”}

A young man is married under threat from his future brother-in-law after his secret is exposed.

Source: Kentucky Newslets”, The Spout Spring Times (Spoutspring, Estill County, Ky.), 22 April 1899.


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