Podcast (Bonus) Episode 11: Tragic Ambition – The Wyeths

“. . . To reach the goal of one’s ambitions must be tragic. ” – N.C. Wyeth

In this bonus episode, we take a look at an American artistic dynasty: the Wyeths. Based in the Brandywine Valley, the Wyeths’ works grace the walls of museums around the world and the covers of popular literature such as “The Saturday Evening Post”. Simultaneously, they lived a complicated and dysfunctional life together. Join us as we look at the lives of N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth and the other members of one of the most celebrated American artistic families.

Previously, we looked at the Wyeths here on the blog. There is a post on N.C. Wyeth here and Andy Wyeth here. Pictures of their homes and studios accompany those posts if you’re curious to see what they look like now. N.C.’s studio was not touched except for preservation purposes and appears as it did the day he left the studio before his tragic accident, that post with pictures is here.

Side profile photo of N.C. Wyeth in 1920 when he was 38 years old.

N.C. Wyeth, circa 1920 at around 38 years old, source.

N.C. Wyeth's illustration of pirates for

N.C.’s illustrations for “Treasure Island” were his big break and are still amongst his most famous work today, source.

A more colorful scene of Pirates carrying a treasure chest and a gun from

Another “Treasure Island” scene by N.C., source.

A self portrait of Andy Wyeth in a pea coat in Maine, when he was older.

Andy Wyeth in Maine, source.

“Christina’s World”, Andy Wyeth’s most famous work. It now hangs in the MoMA in New York, source.

*Sources for this podcast episode can be found on the original Wyeth blog posts: 1, 2.