Pierre’s House in Motion

Longwood was recently voted the Best Botanical Garden in the U.S., how happy Pierre du Pont would be! (You can find the posts about the garden’s history and Pierre here).

Not too long ago, when the blue poppies were out, I went to film a video in the conservatory to show you around…only to find out that you have to have a permit to use your tripod. So things got a little shaky but I thought I’d post the video anyway (you can see me say hi at the end 🙂 ).

*When U.S. President Calvin Coolidge received a tour of the conservatory he took in the lush, exotic scenery but remained silent. His only comment came when he was in the hothouse portion where he simply said: “Bananas.” (You’ll see them in the video.)

He was nicknamed “Silent Cal” so this wasn’t surprising. When a dinner party guest was once seated next to him, she bet him that she could get Silent Cal to say more than three words of conversation. At the end of the dinner the witty Coolidge dryly said: “You lose.” (!!)

After all of that, I found two much better videos taken during peak season, which gives you a better view of the place, especially all of the outdoor parts which weren’t in bloom yet when I filmed.