Dangerous Women (Season 2, Episode 5)

Grace Fortescue

Grace Fortescue, smiling warmly, but actually a deeply dangerous woman.

On a September night in 1931, a young naval wife claimed that a group of Hawaiian men had assaulted her after she stormed out of a U.S. Navy event alone. Her mother, Grace Fortescue immediately flew to her daughter’s rescue.

As a different story emerged, Grace turned a blind eye and instead wrecked revenge in what she branded a justified “honor killing.” This week we explore the strange turn of events and the lack of consequences that may have seemed like good luck for the guilty parties but did little to stop them from destroying themselves anyway.

Murder suspects (3 sailors, Grace and her daughter)

The murder suspects aboard the U.S.S. Alton where they were confined during their murder trial: (left to right) Edward Lord, Albert “Deacon” Jones, Grace Fortescue, Thalia Massie and Lt. Tommie Massie, source.

Joseph Kahahawai's mugshot

Joseph Kahahawai’s mugshot after his arrest in the alleged rape of Thalia Massie, source.

30s car

The car Thalia Massie alleged she was kidnapped in, source.

Guns, rope and bloody sheet

The evidence that Joseph Kahahawai had been kidnapped, shot to death, and wrapped in a bloody sheet, source.

Mugshot, grace fortescue has crazy eyes, opened wide and frenzied

Grace Fortescue’s crazed mugshot, source.

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