Lost & Abandoned

Chester County Backroads

One of these is not of great quality but I had to include it because that tree is so beautiful (but it’s only August so seriously, stop changing colors). I love getting in the car and just shooting out the window and seeing what you can find. I found some really incredible historical structures last week but when I looked up the history of some of the roads and ruins I realized how much I’d missed.

The AME Church marker participated in the underground railroad, an old abandoned poorhouse turned mental institution of questionable history was just down the main road. The  gravesite of the last Native American indigenous to the region, Indian Hannah who died in 1802, is located on the property. And the Star Gazer’s Stone used to mark the Mason-Dixon Line (separates the North + South, the dividing line during the U.S. Civil War) is hiding there in plain sight too (no seriously it is, I could not find it, but I know it’s there and I’ve seen the pictures. Next time!). That’s a heck of a lot of history to fit in a little rural stretch of road!