Lost & Abandoned

Abandoned Reform School

This is an old reform school in Pennsylvania, once called Sleighton School. I had heard a little about it but I had no idea it was so extensive (an entire campus of 20+ buildings). The school was established back in 1910 to reform girls through strict academics and farm work. It went co-ed in the ’70s and financially went downhill. There were a lot of gang fights and other problems that come with a co-ed campus.

The actual campus though is still incredible. When the school closed they had about a week or two notice and then up and left everything. There’s still form letters, transcripts and graded papers floating around the buildings and on the paths. Unfortunately, it’s been trashed, lightening burned down one of the buildings and a housing developer has bought up the land to tear it all down and build condos…. This July they found arsenic in the soil, typical in old farming land, so that’s on hold. I hope this makes its way to historical protection before then.