Lost & Abandoned

Abandoned Farm

Place: Abandoned farm and house {Talley Day Park}

Location: Wilmington, DE

Age: The house looks like the 1920s but the barn buildings look older. And then there’s the very old spring house.

Story: This old farm land has was bought in 2011 for public use {it’s now surrounded by a walking trail and dog park}. Since it’s a park with people around, the buildings haven’t been destroyed and graffitied to death.

Back in the 1800s it operated as a dairy farm but the blue building right behind the house and next to the largest barn looks like they eventually used it for…sled dogs?? With names like “Nordic Surprise” still printed on the abandoned outdoor dog houses.

Today everyone just seems to walk around these historical buildings without even taking a second look. It’s too bad the house has been left vacant, it’s still beautiful and in nice condition.

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